UK shoppers increasingly shop online while watching TV

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UK shoppers enjoy watching TV and browsing online and look for bargains at the same time increasingly, a Deloitte survey has shown.

The research on 4,000 UK consumers demonstrated that shopping online is probably the most preferred habits those who search on the internet when watching TV, with 45% of participants took part.

In addition, it uncovered that the identical number of individuals intend to buyUK shoppers increasingly shop online while watching TV a new tablet pc and HD television set the coming year.

Above 50 percent the study participants surf the web while watching tv , with only 22 % stating they hardly ever do – a decline from 2010, when 39% answerers rarely on the internet and watching TV simultaneously.

50 % of all the 18-24 year-olds questioned has looked for and purchased a new item having seen it on a TV and 50 % of all female participants who browse online while watching TV said they are prone to check out online shopping websites.

Jolyon Barker, global lead for technology, media and telecoms at Deloitte, suggested: “Television, via a programme or perhaps an advertisement, can offer our desire to purchase something. This present year more shoppers will buy tablets, linked and browser-equipped gadgets, which could act as digital tills staying on viewers’ laps.”

However he cautioned tv stations against producing TV shows regarded as too overtly designed to sell goods, as they might trigger a “viewer backlash”.

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