UK youngsters spend 36 million hours on computer or television

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UK children are spending 36 million hours each day in front of the TV or pc, study suggests.

On typical, youngsters spend 1 hour and 50 minutes on-line each day, and watch TV for 2.7 hours, according to the Childwise annual monitor report.

It says that today’s youngsters are able to access to a range of technologies and gadgets, with numerous owning laptops or PCs, with web access in their gadgets while they are in the bedrooms.

UK youngsters spend 36 million hours on computer or televisionThe survey questioned 2,445 children aged five to 16 in 120 schools about their pc, TV and reading habits.

The findings show that almost two thirds of five to 16-year-olds have their very own pc (62%) – even amongst five and six year-olds this figure is 24%.

Nearly half (46%) of all children questioned, stated that they have web access in their room and two thirds (65%) go on-line most days, using the typical youngster utilising the web 5.2 times a week.

In total, Britain’s children invest 13 million hours on web sites each and every day, with numerous, even young children, spending time on social networking websites like Facebook.

Despite numerous children spending hours on-line, TV nonetheless has the strongest hold more than the nation’s youngsters. Collectively, children watch 23 million hours of TV each day, and 62% have a tv in their very own room.

Margaret Morrissey of lobby group Parents Outloud, stated children could not be blamed for spending time on the pc or in front of the TV, particularly as the creation of new housing estates meant that gardens had been decreased towards the size of a “pocket handkerchief”.

“If we’re constructing houses which are smaller, children aren’t going to be as physically active. And it’s not truly feasible in this day and age for them to play out within the street on their very own.”

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