Understanding Accounting Vocabulary

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Bonsoni-Venice-Aluminium-and-Textilene-2-Seater-Sun-Lounger-Set-In-White-and-Grey-Garden-Outdoor-Furniture-30If you learn something new like accounting concepts and words, it helps create links between what you know and what you are trying to learn. In some ways it is like learning a second language and decoding the new word of a part of the learning process. Try, for example, could Necessary compile the Spanish word for the exchange of ideas necessary – and you’d be right. What about Blanco? Blanco is like blank, which is so white. So white is Spanish for white color.

Try to make logical connections in the vocabulary of accounting. Take the word – accounting – and think. In short, the billing system is a simple count of what happens in your business.

-Time Transactions. The transactions are business activities or actions that build day by day and their income and expenses are. Try to think of the term – transactions. The shares are trading activities and trans means across or through. These are the basic elements of a billing system. Transactions are to accounting like what raw materials to a factory, or gasoline engine – transactions are real and how your accounting system treats them affect your business.

You should keep a record of your transactions to know how much money your company has bought and how much money you spent your business. It sounds obvious, right? Ask your accountant or bookkeeper, because obviously some operations. It quickly becomes difficult if you are not clear about what has happened in the transaction and how you want it recorded.

if you were a carpenter, for example, you can charge for a bucket of nails pay wooden chairs are assembled by hand. Buying the nail is a transaction, and will be counted as business expenses. At the workshop, then mounted the chair a pneumatic nailer, sandpaper, stain and varnish used. The next day to deliver the chair to a customer in a nearby town. They give the customer a receipt and will be a check. This is also a transaction. It is easy to see the transactions when money is spent or received. but you have, see the other transactions?

The stain and varnish, nail the use of firearms and chair parts were also part of the transaction. What gasoline and truck used to deliver the chair? Do you trust the nails I had or have any use? Perhaps there is some life in the role of sand remains, but is not new, right? If you do not take into account these costs, we are a piece of the image of a single missing piece, which can significantly affect the amount of money you have at the end of the year.

In all business activities, try to think in terms of transactions, because if you can see what is happening in their business transactions, can be organized in a meaningful way. At this time, take a minute to list what transactions occur in your business every day, week and year. Think that might seem stingy always with respect to the transactions, but it is important for you about your transaction will be aware of the costs and be honest. Your business depends on it.

Some transactions are initiated by customers and suppliers. Other transactions can take within your organization or back office. Accounting transactions created when adjust their books for year-end considerations like machinery depreciation or shrinkage.

What is depreciation? Suppose you bought a new car, Professor Cup 2006 now, and you spend $ 27,500 on the new car. Next year, the car has some dings on the doors, tire wear, stains on the seats and 20,000 miles on the engine. You know that your car is not worth more than $ 27,500. This means your car has lost or depreciated in value.

In terms of equipment owned enterprises, you can deduct this loss of value as a business expense. Of course, you can not spend money on the lost value but with depreciation, is a transaction your bookkeeper or accountant will force until the end of the year. In your tax return, which helps you increase your expenses like all other cash transactions. Of course, the other side of the depreciation of equipment is not worth more.

So a very clear picture of how your business works is obtained, you have to be diligent and thoughtful about what their actual costs. Depreciation is a real expense, even if not a cash transaction.

Learning transactions to see what they are takes practice and contemplation. Transactions affect many areas of your business you need to analyze the daily details so that you can restore the big picture.

writers, humor, is serious business

Bonsoni-Bahama-Rattan-4-Seater-Lounge-Set-In-4-Seasons-Garden-Outdoor-Furniture-30The writer who can transform stories or articles to make people laugh or just bring a smile to the reader are more in demand today than at any time. If you are lucky enough to have a natural ability to make people then put to use laugh.
For the writer, which he or she feels can contribute to the sum of human happiness, here are some tips on how to make a success.

1. The first thing to remember is that humor is subjective. How strange that a person may leave another a little cold. This depends on the nature and purpose. There are two approaches you can take here. (A) Ser. Things in your own style that makes you laugh, because if you amused while there will be a lot of people out there with his sense of humor, to join what you offer Alternatively (B) enter the humor that will appeal by the choice of topics for a wide range of readers who have a universal appeal. For example, think about the trials of life: grow; Children and young people with their pain and madness increasingly; marriage; old. All have great appeal.

2. Humor is grounded, believe it or not, in the serious business of life and the universal truths of life. Take, for example, sitcoms as “My Family”, “The Royal Family”, “Frasier”. They all deal with exaggerated experiences, real life, however. Bill Bryson has made a name for write by the United States and England with humor about his travels. He took his real life experiences and brings the funny side.

3. Humor remember writing stories that readers should not make fun of his characters, but with them. Among his characters well and even embarrassing episodes unfortunate dangerous assumes that the reader feels sympathy for the character, while at the same time laughing at the situation they are.

4. If a Make sure the letter the history of the scenes of tenderness is varied, pathos and severity occasionally you bring. This adds a dynamic that takes the reader from the heights of hilarity (hopefully) to the ground with feet in scenes and reflective. Humor do underline the poignancy and vice versa. A story that will be the end, not the ups and downs every story needs from the beginning is the gag gag.

5. Why most people laugh? Someone on a banana peel slip almost topped the list. Or someone sitting on a deck chair that collapses. In such cases, the viewer or the reader may need to laugh at the humor of the situation, rather than the unfortunate person. “This could be ever.” His humor makes this place in the heart and reach the reader’s mind that makes them say laughter addition to the reader to try and feel sympathetic and compassionate.

What kind of humor you have, there is a public to wait proceed as follows. Just watch your step!

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