Via Spiga Bags This transition from evening work

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Bonsoni-Howden-Oak-Full-Hanging-Wardrobe-100-Solid-Oak-Furniture-30each day to night offer a smooth transition from a portfolio of work at the site of the city.
As a great pair of killer pumps, the needs of every woman who is a professional hand bag can
Do you own a handbag that is to go straight from the office to happy hour allows an essential wardrobe. Not only reduced the time from the main work at night needs to move, but also saves money – and who does not love? Invest in a versatile handbag keeps more money in your wallet more money is added to your Manolo Blahnik.

Check the list below for some beautiful bags Via Spiga overtime fashionable and look good doing it.

Via Spiga double leather chain handle

Via Spiga leather handle double-stranded, but professional manner is an essential accessory for any girl who likes a night of adventure for work in the city. Made of supple leather and nylon bag square bag is this piece classy and classic feel, act friendly, while the double handles of the chain and the panel outside badges Via Spiga add a touch of edge, which makes the Club loan. With a zip top closure and brushed nickel hardware, style oversized bag, the bag does roomy enough for all the important things in the workplace to face, and has a center of shoulder pads leather that allow maximum comfort daily run time between meetings. It also has an outside pocket front and back cover outside zipper pocket for additional organization. The whole combination of elegance and avant-garde works for professionals only. Buying cream or black mocha purchase of urbanity, but attractive with the flavor, appearance or feel outrageously fun, but elegant in the area of ​​vibrant purple.

Via Spiga “Sabbia” Snake embossed fabric and mitten

Via Spiga edgiest everywhere is that “Sabbia” Snake embossed fabric and mitt a dream come true fashionista! Whether you are working in the office on your next big piece of fashion or sipping cocktails in the bar high quality with friends are, the Sabbia bag will never feel out of place. The lightweight bag and bracelet are covered and finished with an outer plate plates Via Spiga, completing his cheeky look and deliberately with two large pyramid studs on each sleeve snake print ,. The large pocket with two open interior pockets and an inside zip pocket, also gives you plenty of room to carry his agenda, documents and other essentials of work, while the removable strap for racing is fast perfect and club hopping which really makes adaptable to any situation. The bag has a clip button, closed centers carrying straps, while the bracelet has a magnetic closure. Available in real black, dusty pink, pale ocher, brown, light green and black eggplant army.

Via Spiga metal Twill Tote

Classy Via Spiga all budgets, Via Spiga metallic twill fabric tote bag hand simple and elegant for any leader, regardless of their profession is. The light-Tote is designed in ultramodern metallic black body and has a top zipper and logo plate outside Via Spiga. Its minimalist and elegant appearance makes this bag a versatile accessory and complement any outfit or situation – is large enough for the head of upper level is the elegant handles like a job for overnight use non-standard and quickly switch a report weekend or Friday night openings scholarship.

Via Spiga Hobo leather loop Tumbled north-south

Let’s face it – Hobo bags were much in fashion before ever a bag or Ashley and Mary-Kate Via Spiga North South Loop details Hobo is definitely a hip and timeless leather accessory Tumbled was. Made of leather soft texture, aged stone, this vagabond decline for the upstart industry handle or enter college graduate. With a zipper on the top, the female member in the filling bag gives a delicate touch, while lower contrast setting decorate the seams, which adds some style. The detail of the upper band, which, running through large port through a link unadorned pleated straps also adds a unique level of intelligent fashion. Take it with you to your new fabulous and publishing or travel with her to the next big night for business networking event work – it works anyway. Wear too much to maintain the minimum handle bag? Do not worry! Via Spiga detail Tie Tumbled leather hobo bag comes as cross body or over-the-shoulder bag. Also available in black.
If you are a strong leader, middle managers or just getting started, working with a handbag in her closet for up to go easily from day to night, hard work and social life is more easily manage. To invest in a stylish bag is also very versatile.

cabinet doors, hinges and sliding?

A common question I ask myself is: “Our cabinet doors should be hinged or sliding?

Obviously, there is no “one size fits all” answer, and offer a service of custom closet equipped to meet all customer needs, but here are some factors to consider and myths and common misconceptions:

“The sliding closet doors is cheaper ‘

Not necessarily. sliding closet doors are very low in DIY shed to store, but the high quality and reliable sliding mechanisms through individual lockers furniture manufacturers are not particularly favorable. The price range is much narrower. A furniture options, which have a wide range of surfaces hinged doors, which means that the starting price is less than the slide, but the best final prices can be twice as high.

‘Sliding door cabinets save space’

This hypothesis is turning, but it is not easy to prove.

Wooden-Carved-French-Chateau-White-Double-Armoire-30First, because cabinets with sliding doors usually have a two-way, so that one goes through the door of another with a gap between the space occupied by the doors 40 mm longer than for a revolving door system. Moreover, the factor that swinging doors are usually the sleeve comes to push the new clothes in the cabinet, while the sleeves between two sliding doors or stuck between the edge of the door and the frame plane can be captured ends a sliding closet door. Therefore, one ideal for a sliding door of at least 50 mm (two inches) on a revolving door system.

Second, in an ideal situation, you can specify at least 450 mm (18 inches) square foot against any cabinet and provided the doors are about 400 mm wide (400 mm or 16 inches standard for Industrial door smallest, although a custom manufacturer even smaller closet doors). In a very small space, it may be necessary that the cabinet extend almost to the bed so that you can access the cab while standing in the bed or kneeling in this case, a sliding door is the only option.

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