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Bonsoni-Boys-Room-Wall-Plaque-30Memorial walls are one way, those who died for us in a war or other tragic circumstances to remember. This article deals with the larger commemorative walls and bronze tablets in the United States, and what it means for those who have died to remember for the United States.

-1. The Vietnam Veterans Memorial is a monument to those who served and died in war. The property, built in the memorial bears two acres in the gardens of the Constitution. The law of Jimmy Carter signed the signing of the conspiracy, which was built three years. The plan has received more than nine million dollars from private donors. There were four design criteria: be a mirror image of what it means; in harmony with their environment; have the names of those who serve; and permeate the public without a political message about the war itself.

-2. Monument of World War II is a more recent addition and the National Memorial Park System. Legislation on this monument by President Clinton in 1993. More than 400,000 died during the war and these bronze plaques commemorating their lives was signed. The monument was completed in 2004 after three years of construction. A efforts much larger scale than the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, the walls of the Second World War Memorial has $ 16 billion of government and $ 197 million in contributions received.

-3. The Memorial Exhibition World Trade Center, but unfinished memorial walls used to remember all those who died on September 11, 2001 and February 26, 1993 in the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center. Three thousand photos of those who have died will be issued. The museum will be one of the personal spaces of memories. Interactivity can be understood through the lives of victims traditional bronze plates more visitors.

Bonsoni-Rowntrees-Wall-Plaque-30For nearly 150 years in a cause to those who died in combat or as Americans remember was quite different from tradition. Memorial Day began after the Civil War, when members of the family, the graves of their relatives have decorated. Decoration Day is a holiday in the north in 1890. After World War II, the center of the party have moved to the US to defend and preserve the world’s freedom. In 1967, the Federal Law Memorial Day has changed names and the days of party uniforms Bill moved Presidents Day, Veterans Day and Memorial Day Monday three long weekend to allow determined. Today, most companies recognize this day as the official beginning of summer and closes agreement.

There are many other Memorial walls are scattered in our country, and national cemeteries, statues, bronze plaques, museums, monuments and other forms of memory. These three are likely to be the largest and most durable.

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