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Bonsoni-Kids-World-Print-Pocket-Pink-Red-yellow-By-Fern-Taylor-Goran-30“Lush” is the word to describe the art of contemporary watercolor, comes to mind. The layers of color in the color, as defined, and to acquire patience, which is the eye of the mind in the document a good definition of contemporary art is watercolor.
One of my favorite artists, Yoju, challenges to create a small stone so new, capturing the essence of what it means stony historical and tradition through the simplest objects trends. The creation of a “larger than life” representation of an everyday object and its own brand masterpiece.

Maneki Neko, the “lucky cat” in Japanese, is a favorite topic of Yoju. Maneki Neko is kept in the houses and the statue tricolor Japanese companies typically Japanese Bobtail cat. It is always to the left or right legs raised both in the picture, and often called the beckoning cat. Maneki Neko representations is said to bring good luck to their owners. Although each cat its own meaning of having a “good luck” is my favorite baby Maneki Neko.

Yoju slips on a scale of subjects with western and oriental scenes of contemporary watercolor, still life and abstract painting, while a visual sense of wonder to fill. The depth of his art lies in the generous use of colors and layers in each image.

Born and raised in Japan, Yoju studied at many art academies in Tokyo. There he learned the art of Ukiyo-e prints creation or “color prints formal wood” people or landscapes scenes features every day. 1988 took Yoju from Japan to California, where he lives and works. Yoju has exhibited internationally, including Shonan Fujisawa Keio University in Japan.
clean, clear and strong Yoju lines clearly demonstrate extensive experience in watercolor, Japanese calligraphy and native culture. She has degrees Maejima Academy of Art, the Kuwasawa and Ootsuka Academy of Design and the Art Academy of the Pacific Ocean, all in Tokyo.

Bonsoni-Kids-World-Print-Pocket-Pink-Red-yellow-By-Fern-Taylor-Goran-31The Dell 3100cn weighs a whopping 72 pounds, but the high performance and faster speeds grayscale are greater than the weight in pounds. This color laser printer does a wonderful job; Color graphics are excellent with photographic details that you can expect to receive from an inkjet printer. The black text that is frequently used for a laser printer, has the clarity of its kind among the best. The Dell 3100cn is a smart buy for a network printer.
The Dell 3100cn toner has a carousel. This requires that the design of the screen to see the colors in sequence to move ahead, so no cartridges manually enter and exit the machine as easy as possible. Dell 3100cn toner cartridges are too expensive, the output side of 4000 considering they can provide. It is the cost-effective printing at the highest level.
The Dell 3100cn is a main paper tray of 250 sheets, and also has a 150-sheet tray behind a door that folds out from the front; This plateau is also the multipurpose feeder. You have the option to add another 250-sheet feeder, or you can add a 500-sheet feeder, which would give a capacity of 900 sheets. The 3100cn is compatible with both control language of the printer and PostScript emulations. The printer has a footprint of about 17 to 17 inches, which saves space, but can do much more if paper drawers at the bottom of the unit is added.
Black print on the Dell 3100cn and white is excellent. The text is crisp and not too heavy or too light. smaller fonts remained transparent. Line art looks perfect, and grayscale images showed sharp detail and tonal transitions. graphics output is fairly accurate. The text is printed at a speed of 17.8 pages per minute. This is a very good price for this class of printers.
The Dell 3100cn has a speed of 22 pages per minute in grayscale text,which means that this printer can compete in a lot of text printing position, as in a working group. The gray tower color laser printer Dell 3100cn is approximately 21 inches tall and has a built surface of 16 square inches. The Dell 3100cn has three ports: USB 2.0, parallel and Cat 5 for network printing. The Dell 3100cn has 81 fonts and symbol sets, 35 PCL fonts and 136 PostScript fonts. This allows compatibility with different fonts, high-end graphics and some editing software.

The front panel, the LCD housing also has three buttons located on the menu to pick and choose, then surrounded by four lanes on the arrows, controls is functionality and easy to use and can make the necessary adjustments in this simple interface panel. There are some commands and parameters that have a couple of steps to complete, but also for all functions and options that this printer; so it is even more toner cartridges Dell has one of the lowest prices on the printer in its class.

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