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Bonsoni-PU-Leather-Regency-Brown-Recliner-Chair-30Barcelona president, which actually is a modern classic and one of the most elegant chairs of the twentieth century is considered, developed, actually designed by Mies van der Rohe.

In fact, it was the only design that wonderful chair at the International Exposition in Barcelona in 1929 attracted Mies van der Rohe inspiration for his design of an Egyptian folding chair and a Roman folding chair. The president has been created to replicate a throne and made his first appearance at the opening ceremony of the Spanish royal family at the fair.

President oozes grandeur and class, while at the same time is lightweight and strong. Barcelona president has to be considered by common consensus the tip of a harmonized approach to materials, design and manufacturing. In 1950, the original design was improved this amazing chair Mies, which resulted in a fully welded object in which additional supports have been removed to the welding points. A part of a single piece of stainless steel actually offers much greater force and spring.

In the US, this design George Nelson became popular. The chair was originally done by hand, but occurs later in mass production and produced by the company as the Knoll Associates, now known marketed in the United States and other twenty countries. It can be local furniture store to see the images online in a variety of decorative forums these wonderful chairs.

Two pairs of connected steel cross bars are part of the chair. In this forelegs and hind legs of the chair it is the wonderful chair are curved, while the rear to be formed by the double-curved front legs supporting the seat legs. The seat foam cushions that are covered in the buttoned leather seat and standing back and seat belts leather riding.

The Barcelona president sold a number of furniture stores. Many of these furniture stores online catalogs where a potential buyer can easily navigate. Although there have been several interpretations of the Barcelona chair, which are available in the market, which are usually made of stainless steel with a chrome hand part piece polished mirror finish is achieved.

Leather upholstery consists of individual pieces made the number of forty are actually often hand-sewn and tufted by hand. To maintain uniformity of appearance and texture are leather panels usually consist of a single skin, the most preferred colors are black or beige.

Although the president of Barcelona has a lot of modular vision that was massaging the product indicates, it is the know-how that requires all the virtues associated with a handcrafted masterpiece. In fact, the president of Barcelona, ​​is a piece of plastic and tend to expect widespread use in many rooms and halls around the world to find.
Rattan gray Koboo

Koboo gray is unique and not many owners are aware that this color is available. It is a cross between the color of yellow corn broken and gray. This color is becoming increasingly popular because it reduces the brightness of the probe are not liked by some owners. If so, it seems gray koboo be the perfect alternative. In the market today there are many rooms in the house that come in that color. These are some of the recommendations.

1) New Castle.

Bonsoni-PU-Leather-Regency-Brown-Rise-And-Recline-Chair-32New Castle is a sofa. But it is much smaller. The game comes with a seat 2 x 1, 2 x 1 bed and a coffee table. The whole game is shrouded in gray koboo cane. Sitting on furniture is a set of pearly white pillow. This product can not be very suitable for the living room, because it is a bit small. But if you need something for the office or a balcony, the New Castle is the perfect choice.

2) Establish Angola.

Set Angola is also a sofa. It is somewhat similar to, except it has a different design of New Castle. New Castle has sharper edges, all the furniture stands out clearly. Angola appears set to melt with its environment due to its rounded corners. All seats (including the coffee table) come with rounded arms and rounded corners.

3) Bonavista.

What falls on the Bonavista sofa is that it comes with matching dark blue pillow. All the chairs that come with the sofa seem stable with its large base, square. The coffee table is a perfect rectangle. As New Castle, also it has 2 x 1 seater and 1 x 2 squares. This set of furniture looks better on decorative orange lights, because it is the color is dark blue and gray. Light a sleeker appearance is established.

4) Charleston with ottoman.

The Ottoman Charleston is an armchair with footrest. It comes complete with rattan, with the exception of legs covered, which are made of wood. This chair is ideal for those who wish to sit, relax and read a good book. You can sit in the office space, on the balcony or in the pool. Pour yourself a glass of cocktail, grab a good book and spend pleasant hours in this chair. The chair helps keep your back straight, to maintain a straight posture while reading. This will ensure that not only sleep after the first few paragraphs to read!

5) President and Chairman of Burgas Lugano.

The President is Burgas the perfect companion for a dining table. You can still stay a bit stuck, so the customer can sit chairs, if you have a social gathering. You can also easily save when you do not need to be around more. President Burgas comes without armrests. President Lugano looks the same, but with wooden arms. So one of the options.

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