Wine Storage Racks Yesterday and Today

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chrome-capacity-6-bottles-wine-rack-by-protege-homeware-30The wine is always the beverage of choice in many homes in the United States as it was in European homes for centuries. But most American households are becoming home to more and more bottles of wine, the question of where to save the precious elixir until it’s time, a problem can absorb. So thousands of homes in America have now, and fortunately discovered the wine storage rack.
The storage rack of past centuries wine is usually reserved for the rich and noble novelty. They conducted by workers of the wood of the best teachers storage racks wooden wine were a luxury few could afford, but my, how times have changed. wine racks maintained and attractive are now quite affordable, and hardwoods are part of the package is not always.

Modern storage racks wine

Wine racks are available in a variety of particle boards of metal, plastic available; Chipboard is not ideal because of its susceptibility to degradation by moisture, but plastic and metal racks adjacent indestructible. developed racks are designed to be either on the floor or suspended from the ceiling, and the storage capacity of racks wooden wine can grow with the requirements of a collection of wines to suit.

While maple and mahogany wine racks are available in a variety of furniture stores, you can buy DIY kits and built their own wineries. The wood in the kit is pre-drilled and are included wrench and screws, so that the assembly is very simple and fast.

Choice of wine rack storage

corked wine bottles must be kept horizontal, its moist corks and prevent shrinkage, so that the air entering the bottles and destroy the wine stored. So wine racks with rows mini tunnel, where the wine bottles can be placed on their sides to make the right decision when the wine remain long in them. However, the wax-sealed bottles require vertical storage or leaks away valuable content.

Wine Racks Price

wine storage racks vary in size that can store a bottle or two for those who can accommodate thousands, and are used in wineries, restaurants and bars. Most small and medium average wine racks are more than enough, and usually cost between $ 20 and $ 100.

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