world-famous spider

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5-arm-red-acrylic-beads-versailles-chandelier-by-protege-homeware-30used traditional visitor explicitly express wealth and social status has long been shining a unique feature in the palace and the great halls of the mansions of the rich and famous meet. Recently, a touch of elegance and a focal decorative chandeliers were reinvented for modest homes in many styles and designs.

The first chandeliers were in the Middle Ages and consisted of a simple design includes wooden cross used candles. Some of the famous chandelier rose in the 15th century when they were used only as a symbol of luxury and status, and were much less comfortable. Especially after a design of the crown or a ring, only the richest of the upper class could afford such extravagant lighting systems. As the technology, such as gas chandelier in the 19th century and later electric improved. The use of crystals become increasingly popular due to its refractive properties of light and stimulates the creation of exquisite ornaments.

The world in the world’s largest spider is considered the Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque in Oman. The chandelier is made of gold metal and is in Swarovski crystals and weighs almost 8.5 tonnes covered. It Depends 14 meters from the ceiling and the center of the minaret. However, Kocatepe Mosque in Turkey argues that have the biggest spiders. 5.5 meters in diameter and has 32 lights and 4 lights on the corner is also golden glass and small chains connected to form the central giant spherical structure.

The chandelier in Dolmabahce Palace in Istanbul is located, it is the most famous, in addition to the largest collection of chandeliers of Bohemian crystal in the world. The gift from Queen Victoria in 1800 the Ottoman Empire, has 750 lamps and weighs 4.5 tons.

Another famous chandelier includes the large chandelier in the blue room (reception room) of the White House and Elvis Graceland imported on his farm in the Italian cut glass, located in the spacious dining room yet. But almost certainly the most famous spider in the world, the Phantom of the Opera, which is crushed in a historic ghost scene.

Recently, however, in almost all materials and a variety of styles, chandeliers are very fashionable. Popular designs such as chrome lamp, moved by his predecessor luxury away in a more modern practice for each house to be integrated.

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