Young generation becoming lonely because of Facebook

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Even though maintaining an average of 243 ‘Facebook’ friends, young people are wasting too much time online which 60% now have almost no time to see friends in the real world, based on a new research.

The study commissioned by ‘Yours’ magazine, included individuals aged from 18 to 80, and discovered that a lot more than one third of individuals take more time communicating on the internet than going out and spend time with friends in real life.

Young generation becoming lonely because of FacebookAs well as, as much as 50% of the participants claim they would like to fight the issue and would probably achieve this by becoming a member of or starting off a local friendship club.

The study also discovered that more than 90% of the over-50s considered that Great Britain was previously friendlier.

More than 60% said the key reason they struggle to connect with others is the fact that utilising modern technology to communicate is less difficult but much the same percentage stated they only need somebody so they are able to enjoy a coffee and chitchat.

In general, nearly 66% stated they “feel lonely” and want a lot more real life friends to feel life worthy of living. The majority of 50-year-old now uses more than 3 days of the week by themselves, which is around 84 hours, whereas 60 year olds spend around four days and for the older population it is substansially more.

Social scientists considered it turned out to be an indictment of British society, 18 year olds tend to be as alone as 80 year olds and in addition, they need friendship services given that they are unable to socialise in real life because of Facebook.

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